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"Yathralekha" A Tourism Related Literary Magazine was being entered into the realm of Malayalam magazines as a humble beginning. But it has been occupied in the mind and lifestyle of readers within a short period. Articles from various zones of life as well as generations were attracted by the readers. The magazine introduced new writers and as well as tourist destinations to the readers and proved it's commitment as tourism related literary magazine. 

The management of "Yathralekha" decided to publish the same into 52 pages with multi color printing in glazed laminated paper. We will publish this handbook as a referral book for the travellers as well as for the service providers, hence the showcase value will be high.We will distribute 25,000 copies through out Kerala,within in India and abroad through our network. 

We invite you to be a partner with us in promoting KERALA as an attractive "Tourist Destination." We are confident of providing you with tangible value that will by and far outdo any monetary consideration that you as advertiser will have to bear.

Team Yathralekha

Advisory Board
Advisory Board
Advisory Board
Advisory Board
Advisory Board
Madampu Kunjukuttan
Chowalloor Krishnankutty
Radhakrishnan Kakkassery
T.H. Valsaraj
Chief Consultant
Chief Editor
Consultant Editor
Content Editor
V Balakrishnan
Sreekumar Ezhuvappadi
Jayaprakash Kesavan
Narayanan Bhattathirippad
Arun A A



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